My Fairytale

November 22, 2008
By Helen Koo, Los Angeles, CA

My shoes aren’t made of glass,
I don’t have a magical lamp,
I don’t have seven dwarves,
And my hair only reaches my shoulders.
I’m not the princess of a far-away land,
But you always told me I was your queen,
My hair does not have a golden strand,
But you would always stroke it as a routine,
I am not a beautiful mermaid,
But you help me swim anyway,
I cannot even think to use a blade,
But you don’t care if I can’t show you swordplay,
I can’t ride on a flying carpet,
But you’ll hold me up for hours,
I don’t have lips of scarlet,
But you’ll give me kisses to call ours,
I’m not anything magical—
But you are my fairytale.

The author's comments:
I was talking to my friend who recently gained a crush, and I was inspired to write this piece, dedicated to her.

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