Piano of a Heart

November 19, 2008
By savannah webb, Moore, OK

His fingers strike each key of my heart and tis’ I know he plays the rhythm of my heart. “A hopeful from Julliard?” I begin to question, for he has such talent at this miserable task and suddenly I wonder, is he nearly finished? For I hardly hear the tune that’s kept me believing for so long and I don’t feel the thump that sends a message of hope throughout my veins and I don’t feel the peace that put the pain at ease so many times or catch the breathe he made possible fro me to reach and my vision of love with him is beginning to fade and I try so hard to hold on, but I cant grasp it! It’s slipping through my fingers as if it were water and I cat save it for I have not the power nor strength that I thought and suddenly I realize why I haven’t these things. I hear no music and in that moment I am still and intense fear has overcome my body. I am paralyzed in it, for the moment he stops playing that piano it shall be shown a dismal fate and be laid to a lonely rest, buried so deep that no one will know of such horror and pain that this heart has endured…I begin to weep, and then I realize it is not that he has stopped playing tis’ that I have stopped hearing. Not only him yet everything, I hear absolute silence. And now it is clear to me what is trying to be made apparent. There are certain gifts in this world that are irreplaceable and he is the greatest one of them all, I have not a life to live without his most magnificent tune.

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Specialk8rs said...
on Feb. 8 2009 at 5:53 am
Tres cool! I like it.


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