Is it treu to have loved than to have never loved at all?

November 19, 2008
By Angelica Flores, New York, NY

Is it true to have loved than to never have loved at all?

Lets divide that into 2 parts now:

To love is to fall

To fall is to have loved!

To open up your heart decides your

Night of heartache.

U choose Ur future!

To love and fall at a Wounded Knee

Or to have found a love that is truly deep!

What happens when you open up Ur heart?

And then its gets damaged,

Ur closed up,

Walls built not letting anything in,

But as time goes slowly the walls come down like melting chocolate left out for to long

Slowly letting affection get in but then hardens back up once put out in the cold!

I don’t understand the risk! I'm too scared of getting hurt to take that risk!

Then I finally take it and get hurt!

So if love really existed why can’t I have a taste of it?

Does love taste sweet like chocolate or sour like lemons?

The chocolate so sweet ur lost in it’s divinity or the kitchen knife that slashes the lemon o’ so deep? Is love one of those?

All I know is if the pain that goes with love is so surreal then why does heartache leave its ugly mark for all to witness?

The pumping vain s, the tissues that make my heart
can disintegrate with a quick pound to the heart!

So are u really a risk taker to take dat risk?

if u are then good luck because if u take a jump
will love catch u when u fall? will it mend you when all ur bones are broken?, the violent crash in which you fell has a unique story to tell!

So u decide if it’s better to have loved then to never have loved at all?

The author's comments:
I hope this connects with teenagers and gets to people in some way.

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