My baby

November 18, 2008
By Oliver Semeth, Providence, RI

Did you know at night your the only person i dream of
and in the morning you're the only person i can think of
to me your like a dream come true but your not
you're better then what my dreams have imagined
when we first meet i never knew there were living angels
but you proved me wrong and now every time i talk to you
i feel like singing you a song
when i looked into your eyes oh what a sight
when you held me in your arms you held me tight
i loved the warmness of your hug
at that very moment we snugged
you make my knees go week and
make me sweat like if i was a lil freak ;]
for the very 1st time in my life everything went right
we don't argue, scream and nope not even fight,
is this the love i have been looking for
if so tell me now, so i won't look no more
baby you made me the happiest man alive
you have boosted me and my pride
you’re the best thing that has happened to me
and right now my love to you is like a endless ocean sea
when i talk to you all my worries and problems go away
you leave me speechless not knowing what else to say
but how Beautiful you are but i don’t know if that word
can fit your beauty because to me your like a star
matter of fact your so pretty
in the dark night you light
up mine and ever mans city
your so amazing, like a little white dove
but for now all i have to offer you is my love

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