November 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Just stop,
and think.
Of what you’re saying.
The shock,
it never sinks.
Do you think it’s right?
How wrong you are.
It may be your life,
but now I’m tangled.
Make a sacrifice,
and unravel me.
A prisoner of your choices
Set me free.
You’re ignoring the shrieking voices,
a screeching alarm
screaming warnings.
I will not be a victim
of your mistake;
A shaky traveler
in your wake.
You should know
that judgments made
by empty people
have no meaning.
You should know
that even the thought
is ever so demeaning.
And I don’t want
to be trapped.
I’m caught in your shadiness
of trickery and fear,
of defying why we’re even here.
Don’t assume that I’ll be there
when you decide to run.
Don’t presume that I’ll even care
when all is said and done.
Because the lies you tell
I’ll never swallow.
The path you’re on
I’ll never follow.
The life you live is yours.
Not mine.
So stop having the two

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