The Golden Ticket

November 17, 2008
By Jessica Redmon, Seattle, WA

A homeless and weary girl was just passing by
When all of a sudden the man caught her eye
He appeared quite charming; she could not turn away
Not knowing what words she should possibly say
He looked at her calmly, but she could sense a demand
Then, so gently, he held out his hand
In it, held the power to free her of distress
But it was she who must accept nevertheless
Dissapointment filled her mind when she learned it was just a card
What good could that do when life was so hard?
As the man turned away, she began to desperately plead
"No come back, this is not what I need!"
Angrily, she ripped it, then threw it away
Gone with the job openings and shelters to stay
This woman remained homeless for the rest of her years
Drowning in dispair, indeed that was clear
The same charming man found her on the road
Lifeless, he kissed her, as the princess did the toad
Magically, time shifted back to that day
When he dared to cross paths, heading her way
She carried sparkling eyes which lifted his spirit
Seemingly deafness now gone, she was
able to hear it
The message coming from this lovely young man
Once again he held out his hand
It was the exact same card, and as you can guess
She graciously accepted that golden ticket to success!

The author's comments:
The moral of this is pretty much that if you want something in life then you have to work for it and not expect anybody else to do your work for you. It is only you who can determine whether you are going to fail or succeed; no one else can make that decision for you.

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