The Person I Pretend to Be

November 17, 2008
By Theresa Harner, Celina, OH

Look in the mirror,
She is pretty,
She is kind,
She does not cheat or lie.

Look in the mirror,
For a second time.
Notice the lines,
Around her eyes

Look in the mirror,
And hold her eyes,
Notice the pain inside,
The tears she unwillingly cries.

Look in the mirror,
And undernieth,
The person,
I pretend to be.

I am not pretty,
It is all fake,
Make up and eyeliner
Go a long way.

I am not kind,
I try to survive,
Whispered plea,
"Do not hurt me"

I do cheat and I do lie,
Other wise I would not cry
Or pretend to be,
the person in the mirror.

Look beyond what,
The mirror might see,
See beyond the person,
I pretend to be.

The author's comments:
I am a sixteen year old girl with my heart in the right place but my feet in the water. I can only define myself form what others tell me.

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