Why people go blind.

November 17, 2008
By Allison_after_life GOLD, Avondale, Arizona
Allison_after_life GOLD, Avondale, Arizona
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I must confess, The undignified, unjustified, obligation the negative breeze slinks through... My demise. Put it all aside.. Away with this destination. You make the best of this undecisive, Thinking what a invasion, the hatred of all the discussion. Obscene you make of this madness which is my infestation. Walking along the road the dust is intoxicating. Shuddering at the horror which is the truth of my faltering, obliterating... the uncanny feeling. Overwhelming, Forbidden. waiting for the answer I don't think you know the obsession. I digress... searching you through that door, up the stairs. Jumping through hoops. I no longer wish to impress. Unlock that door... You cannot fathom you can't underestimate that wreck the chains bound me down. can't feel the disaster... Future you see it, hidden for ages... Alone wandering this earth, hiding my past... shelter, stumbling, heart is racing. That taste... that thought in the back of my mind. Commandeer my heart, take away this lie. Mind numbing, impulse broken... Routine disgusting... Ordinary. Anything but, breaking that part. Laying here wishing for more, you must know... Be honest with me. Don't pretend, caught up in this moment... Swept away. Off my feet into the sea, carried away~ far off... So blue... No one here, I don't need your pity, Don't come to my rescue. Lacking the will to fight. Something I can't just toss aside. Coughing up this life. kicking down the rejection, which is vast destruction. Jumping down this hole.. Don't know where it goes. closing my eyes... This new reality. Things which you cannot see. Fantasy, a world you can't possibly imagine, My mind is a tragic place... Running through this maze... the walls crowd me. Trapped in this, killing that bit of the answer of that which you seek... I fear losing you is something horrendous. Sickening the pain of that thought, dangerous, wasting your time... meaning you will lose that piece, you won't take away that astonishing contraption. Donating my heart... Saving that piece, of you... That missing piece... I cannot find. Rocking back and forth... On this vessel, I know what it holds. Penetrate through this heart, knocking down these doors. This is nothing to comprehend. I don't take these words with me.The poison in my body, will infect the things I hold most dear. The fact sanctify... Laughing off the series of disturbing... unfortunate my life is nothing but a thing on this road, waiting... For something to come along... understand me. No privacy, ashamed... My life in a picture frame. A riot, Through the the fists, the violence... The object of your desire. I find peace... I find warmth through the thought of you.

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