November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Upon the white lined rooftops
The moon shines against the sparkling crystals
The glow lights up a shadowy visage
With a curled figure attached to it
Shivering ever so slightly
His whimper is almost inaudible

A single snowflake falls on his nose
As if someone above has heard his cry
It melts slowly and blends into the stream already on his right cheek
One tear forms at the tip of his chin
And drops to the white blanket below
Leaving its mark

His emotionless eyes show
The weight of the world on his shoulders
His burden carried through the many years of oppression
Now lifted only to be replaced with another
For his freedom came at a terrible price
The life of a dear one

Head hung with shame
His last breath is the last warmth
He will ever feel

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