♥i like this guy♥

October 20, 2008
By Isabella Silva-Pires, Centralia, WA

♥i like this guy♥

and he likes me back

but we are not toguether.

sometimes i wish he would be just mine

but sadly he is not.

i really like him.

his voice makes me feel good inside

I like his smile

everything about him is amazing.

people think he's like the others guys i have liked before.

but some how he is different

when I am around him,

i cant talk.

cant breathe.

i blush.

i act different.

But why?

No one is sure yet.

Love? maybe so.

I dont wanna sound like those girls that all they need is a guy in their lives.

trust me that is so not me.

I just want him.

I hope we will be toguether soon

There is something about him that i have not quite figured out

whenever i see him, i get this butterfylish feeling and it feels like i am going to fall.

and i just hope that when i do, i will fall into him

i love him

i just want him to be mine

<3 that is the person i fell for <3

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