My Favorite Song

November 16, 2008
By Emily McCready, Cherry Hill, NJ

With all these all-night coffee shops,
With fences just low enough to hop,
you and me, being to see,
this is where we're meant to be.

but give me a kiss
and pretend we're just friends.
cause you will see in the end,
you can fight it, as I've tried,
it's meant to be,
You and I.

We saw the world through camera lens,
Wasting time in your dad's mercedes benz
Hey, time we had fun wasting was time well spent.

If i started to cry would you comfort me?
If i went blind would you help me see?
But most importantly,
If the radio died would you sing to me?

You kick my shins,
I'm on my knees,
I got no one left to please.
Hand in hand, we sit and pray,
but there's no distance as far away as yesterday.

our friend's all watch,
on their technicolor screens,
do they realize, do they see?
kid, you mean so much to me.
on their couches, they sit and scream,
"tell him you love him" they yell out [call] to me.

We drive far out to the mountains,
We toss some pennies in the fountain,
It's where we're going, not where we've been,
Let's tell our secrets to the wind.

Driving back,
My favorite song,
We're not at home,
We don't belong,
Through the static,
We scream the words,
Oh, and you haven't heard?
We've become immune to pain,
Suddenly, everything has changed.
We're not alone if we're together,
You've made my world so much better.

The sky is perfect,
The past is gone,
You, and me,
My favorite song.

Like a thunderstorm,
Love comes by surprise,
Makes us smile,
Opens our eyes,
Scares the people,
Makes everything new,
Helps me say what's inevitably true,
You've changed my life, and i love you.

The author's comments:
One day I hope to turn this into lyrics for a song. I hope you enjoy! Comments and suggestions are always greatly appreciated.

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