November 16, 2008
why do we pretend
why do we ignore
why do we chicken-out
why do we give up
when the finish line is not to far away?

why do we let our feelings show
why do we let people take us away
why do we let them do it?

why do we argue with ones we love
why do we pretend we dont know someone in the halls when really, we know them better than most what is wrong with a simple smile?
so what if you aren't friends
what can it hurt?

we are human
we are stupid and selfish
we think of yoursleves before others
we think that nothing can hurt or hurt us?
why would someone want to do that?
well its because we are stupid and selfish

we pretend, to ignore the pain
we give up because we are to lazy to give the extra effort or are just to afriad of the outcome we let people at advantage because we want to believe that they will always care we argue with loved ones because we know that they will loves us again tomorrow and we neglect to smile at people we know because every single one of us is a afraid of what the other may think we spend to much time figuring the other out that we forget that they are only human we are only human we can only be so much

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