Aaron Sestina

November 15, 2008
I appreciate the opportunity to be repetitive and
say everything that I've thought
a million times over and everything
that I've said or you knew what I meant.
You would think it's lame, like you always
so when it's down in text for the world to see, but I don't care.

In the beginning it was true that I didn't care.
Not about any male being, but I met you and
you were annoying and promiscuous. I wanted to always
dislike you, or not give a crap what you thought.
It's funny, those things you said that never meant
anything and it's funnier how I hated it when you began to mean everything.

When I stopped and thought; your music and drugs were everything.
It didn't bother me though, of course until I cared.
I could say nothing until the dam broke and I meant
to say, "I love you." but it came out in tears and
sarcasm instead of real thoughts.
That's when you started saying I always started a problem. ALWAYS.

So I'd say,"Yeah, YOU ALWAYS do this and you will ALWAYS do that. ALWAYS."
Though it's not your fault that when I said everything
I sobbed and you couldn't hear what I thought
through all the snot and you would give a fed-up sigh and I would assume you didn't care.
Well, I was always wrong and
I will always be wrong, in the best way sine you never meant

to be such a JERK and I never meant
to be such a PAIN, but it's a comforting idea to always
be with you and
despite everything,
it's the happiest thought to be together and not have a care
in the world. At least, that's what I thought

If it ever helps, know that my every thought
is of you, and I haven't ever meant
if any other way. You care
for me and vise-versa. ALWAYS
You share everything,
so I will too. And so it turned out, we grew up and..

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