How to Walk Away

November 15, 2008
By Alyssa Glace, Chesapeake, VA

Look into his eyes
Look for the truth in a million lies
And realize that there’s nothing there
Even if he says he cares
Try to tell him how you feel
Pour your heart out
Make it real
Tell him that you don’t know why
He says he loves you then makes you cry
Watch him say he’ll fix it
And then not even try
Watch him drift away
And then ask yourself why
Take off the bracelet he gave you for your birthday
Realize the words you have to say
Talk to your best friend
Realize that it’s the end
Write him a note
Give him one last chance
To save his idea of some stupid romance
When he doesn’t call back decide it’s time
To let go of the love words in rhyme
Look into his eyes
Tell him the truth
After a million lies
You’ve found the proof
A million ‘I love you’s that you said first
A feeling that’s the very worst
Tell him the words you have to say
And then turn and walk away
Turn back around just one more time
Tell him you’ll be his friend
But don’t let him forget that this is the end
Turn around hold your head up high
And pray that rain will fall from the sky
So he won’t see your tears hit the ground
Cry till you can’t cry anymore
But don’t go back and knock on his door
You’ll live to fight another day
And that’s how to walk away

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