Mistakes Don't Decay

November 15, 2008
By Michael Peters, Cincinnati, OH

There is an old decayed hut
on an island in the misty seas
where nothing stirs but palm leaves.
This hut lies far out of reach
on the island’s sandy beach.
There seems to be no life there,
everything is always eerily still…
There never is anything stirring,
or at least until
the moon comes and starts reoccurring.
Every month, every full moon,
a dry form walks from the sea.
This unknown creature lumbers past dunes
to where his lonesome hut waits.
It takes him a while to reach his door
for his old hobbled gait
doesn’t allow him to move like before.
The old man or what once was,
does eventually reach the doorway
Then time seems to slow
and time seems to freeze.
Many things happen to those who know
of the secrets buried ‘neath the seas.
Many of Life’s secrets can be found
as long as you search abound.
This old man risen from the sea,
once lived in that hut as a man,
but now lives under the waves and sand.
He learned things long lost,
but as all great things do,
they came with an even greater cost.
This old man was once new.
He was young, tragically so,
And had friends and family.
He had a beautiful wife
and a young lovely daughter.
They were his reason in life
and they lived in that hut by the water.
We never really do know
what those words mean
until we have to leave them behind
just as the wizened man of the green.
The foolish man feared death,
as so many mortal men do.
So he wasted his precious breath
searching for ways not to die.
Sadly the man found what he sought,
a way to live always near the sea,
but there was one thing he forgot.
He didn’t realize that with each sunrise
his family came closer to death.
The foolish man had to watch
as his daughter and wife,
whom lead a normal life,
grew old and withered away
with the passing of each new day.
He never wanted to watch them die
but seeing as he couldn’t join them
all he could do was weep and cry.
Now that was many years ago,
the man since left; weighted with sorrow.
He crawled into the bottomless sea
that also would last forever,
but would also remain forever lonely.
The old man only leaves the sea
to visit his hut and to remember
that though he’ll never die,
it was in that hut that he truly lived
and that life was ever tender.

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