November 14, 2008
By Jordan Barhorst, Fort Loramie, OH

Maybe my words are lost on my tongue
One more word and we'd be taking off
We've talked it out before
But nothing is said, no nothing about our love

Maybe our time is slipping away
One more month, and we'd be taking off
We've had our time before
But time goes on, it doesn't stop for love

Maybe our legs are locked in place
One more step, and we'd be taking off
We've walked this way before
But now we can't move, we're paralyzed by love

Maybe our minds are lost in space
One more thought, and we'd be taking off
We've read our minds before
But our heads are full, there's no more room for love

The author's comments:
The inspiration for this poem came from two different places. One was my lame attempt at trying to write song lyrics (all of my lyrics end up with no rhythm whatsoever...), and the other was my own mind. I had no idea that this was all in there, but ovbviously it was.

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