November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

There is this crazy thing called life
Lately, its bringing me down
And everytime I turn around
I feel the weight of the world
Its sitting on my shoulders
Its yanking at my heart

And when I close my eyes
I can picture something better
I can picture it all come together
But when I open my eyes
It all goes back again
Just like that

I cant change the past
I'm not happy at the present
And I'm starting to doubt the future
Things dont look to bright
But I keep on wishing

I cant say I'm doing well
No, I cant say I'd rather die
But lately, I can feel the pain
Trying to keep it down
But it keeps coming back up

I cant cry this time
Trying to stay strong
Cant make any promises
Cause last night
I almost felt a tear

The world has been spinning lately
Cant keep my head straight
No one to blame
Just the way it goes
Life is just that way

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