Dark Abyss

November 14, 2008
Black arms stretched themselves over,
Grasping upon my feeble body,
Tugging me forward.
I closed my eyes in desperation,
Hopeless of what would lye ahead.

I could feel myself plunge.
Falling into the dark abyss.
The vigorous arms continued to yank me as I descended further and further.
Falling into the dark abyss.

Thousands of pounds toppled itself upon my body,
Adding onto my weight.
Unable to move, the dark arms let go of their grasp.

I opened my eyes to see myself in the mirror.
Excepted it wasn’t myself. It was of another.
This couldn’t be me. That face that laced emotion.

A face full of depression and lacked reality.
The eyes bulged out slowly slipping out of their sockets
The scars decorating the face burned bright red.
The face melted off, followed by the whole body
My body.

I looked upon myself to see if I was still there.
I wasn’t.
I was but a puddely mess. How could this be?
I was right here, yet there I was.
Proof in the mirror that my body had lost all shape and form.
The arms graved a hold of my floating soul
Mangling it so hard that thunderous cracking noises shuttered what could have been ears.
The weight returned on my soul, heavier than before

I had no control of what was happening.
What I was to become, if anything.
Two eyes appeared in front of me,
Hypnotizing me with its glare.
A crooked face formed from the darkness
It’s mouth opened to speak words that I never understood before.
Words that explained this all. Words that I myself have come to hate.

It said.
“This is what heartbreak does to your soul.”
I split apart in different directions
And the hands shattered my soul.
Flying all around into the darkness,
Falling once more.
Falling into the dark abyss.

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