No, You Didn't

November 14, 2008
By Diane Liang, HK, ZZ

you did not just do that
you better not have
and for the record,
no I dont want you
you're not good enough

a game of truth or dare does not cut it
a "sorry but i had to" does not cut it
i do not buy it
and no,
thats not good enough
not nearly, a good enough reason

you did cross the line
you did act like a jerk
and yes
I am pushing you away

Cause I don't want someone like you
And I guess I just
don't want you.
not anymore I dont.

sorry does not do the trick
all the x's and o's don't do a thing
after all, isn't that why we're where we're at now?

I don't care what you say
I don't care what you think
It just ain't gonna cut it
not anymore

I don't care what happens
when you read this poem
i don't care that i'm pushing you away
I wouldn't care about you, even if you said you loved me
I don't care what you say anymore

shed a tear
let it drop
down onto the ground
wipe the tear stain from your face

steal a kiss?
it just won't go away...

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