to the true story tellers

November 13, 2008
By katie laba, Massena, NY

Do you remember
When you stepped on

that stage?
How you were a can of
bottled up emotions?
Fear. Nervousness. Anxiety. Passion. Anticipation.
Don’t you think
I felt it all with you?
The bright heat
of the lights
glaring down on you.
The beads of sweat
starting to form
on your for head
as you went on.
How I reached with you
in every movement,
sunk in
at every fall,
and that feeling
of getting lost
in your own world
even though hundreds
are watching,
don't you think
I felt it too?
Let yourself
on that floor.
Let yourself
be exposed
and let vulnerability
seep through every movement.
Let them all see your story.
Watch it be told
more vivid than words
could ever tell.
And end
with the sound of applause gushing through your ears.
This is your time to shine.

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