To Christina

November 13, 2008
Do you remember
How it sounded
After the time ran out?
How the crowd
Erupted into applause and cheers?
How you screamed
At the top of your lungs,
How your face was beat red
Like a tomato,
Do you remember?
Don't you think
I wanted to collapse
At your side with exhaustion,
Pools of sweat
Dripping down our faces
Drenching the court?
Did you not worry
Someone would slip
As we grabbed our bags
And hustled to the bus?
Did you not smile
With the satisfaction
Of victory?
Your experiences
Whether they are good
Or bad.
Accomplish all goals
And don't be afraid
To fail.
Love all,
Especially family and friends.
Strive to be
The best you can
Possibly be.
Live your life
How you want.
Be yourself.

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