Mango Tree

November 14, 2008
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The divine aroma ascending throughout the heavens,
All the pollution and self destruction in the world
couldn’t compare with this illusory fragrance.

The diamond dew drops in the april morning,
sliding past the sensuous figure of the mango.
First signs of spring warmly blanketed
by the translucent rays of dawn

Surrounded by the ocean waves of grass,
The moisture in the dense air kisses me.
My locks of ebony gently land upon the ground
and twist upward into the indigo sea of greenery

The sun rises above the land of hopes and dreams,
Shiva begins his divine dance as the world spins madly beneath his heels.
Destruction and creation alike,
the universe awakes to the repetitive rhythm of his dancing feet--
the beating rhythm of Life.

I see you in nature,
Your soul, your beauty,
The idea of your existence.
What is love?
The ability to see another being in everything beautiful about the universe
As everything in the universe becomes beautiful

I reach for the mango,
but the marvelous fruit belongs to the tree
Out of my every grasp--
The confusion of dreams and reality deceives me
and eludes me.
People change, places change, nature is change,
Yet the reminiscence of age old memories
haunt me into unthinkable fantasies
Change can never exist without witnessing it.
Transitions from your innocent childish beauty
to your rugged practical self
shocks me.

Your eyes sparkle from the open windows above,
your face, so brilliantly picturesque
As I stand here rooted to the gray, melancholy sidewalk
the paradise surrounding me is an untouchable entity.
As such with the golden fruit dangling by its last branches
I’ll wait for you to come down.

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amarbegovic said...
Dec. 25, 2008 at 8:10 pm
good job :)
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