Last Time

November 17, 2008
By Megan Geraghty, Mt. Prospect, IL

Shower, dry hair, straighten hair
Frustrate my sister with demands
“Get my shoes out of the closet!”
Frantically finish makeup
Slip on new dress
Take a quick check in the mirror

Doorbell rings
“It’s him!”
Body temperature rises
Heart beats faster and faster
Will he like how I look?
Mom and dad answer the door
Walk down the stairs as I make my grand entrance
His stare into your eyes,
He likes the way you look
Bright flashes hurt your eyes but,
You can’t stop smiling
Drive to my friend’s house for dinner
Exchange funny stories
Laughter fills the room as
Boys try to impress their dates with
Funny stories
Quick wit
“What time is it?”
“Should we go to the dance”?
Bodies pile into small cars all
Anxiously awaiting the dance
Anticipation rises as we enter the parking lot
Waiting in line
You see all of your friends from school
You approach them as if you haven’t seen them in years
“Oh my gosh you look amazing!”
Compliments thrown everywhere
Whispers between girls about interests
In their dates
More flashes and smiles as
You catch the glance of a friend
Shall we go in?
Your date grabs your hand and
You walk together into the dance
Not caring who’s watching you
It’s merely the field house gym
But there’s something about it tonight
Its magical
The mood takes you over
Excitement rushes through your veins
Your favorite song plays
You sing the words out loud with your best friend
You dance like no one is watching
You feel like you could dance the night away
The music slows as
The mood of the room starts to change
You turn toward your date
Put your arms around his neck
Look him in the eye
He’s happy to be there with you
And you share the same feeling
You do something cute to make them laugh
And they compliment you for the 100th time
But it seems like the first one of the night
The last song is played
Sweat drips down your face
Is it really over?
Frantically trying to figure out after party plans
Give last hugs to friends
Grab the shoes you couldn’t wait to get off
Your date smiles at you even though
You feel gross and sweaty
Walk out to the cold
As your date smoothly puts their
Arm comfortably around your shoulder
Everything feels right
Get in the old squeaky car
Find a good song on the radio and share the line
“I had a great time tonight”
He smiles and agrees
Drive to get some comfy clothes
Check your makeup
Join your friends downstairs at the after party
Fun games
Last laughs
Small smiles flashed to your date
Last minute photos
Late night hugs
Drive home
Thank your date again
Innocent kiss goodbye
Jump in bed
Great last homecoming

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