The Ride

November 12, 2008
We ride home,
Everso tightly holding hands,
As if holding our own hearts

You lean on me,
for support,
a support i cannot fulfill
support for your atrophy,
from him

these emotions are,
the ones no one knows,
but you
that i will never know,

you look me in the eyes,
it feels just like the cheesy cliche

your eyes burn like a thousand suns,
im dying,
yet u cannot see

as you lean,
my kisses placed,
out of compassion for you,
on your neck,
only you

they mean nothing,
to you

this conclusion is reached,
yet reached none the less

you told me you loved me,
now i see we are,
only friends.
only friends

our favorite band sings,
" today is a winding road
that's taken me to places that i didn't want to go",
we sing along for reasons of our own

or at least i do

yet i think,
the road is winding this is true but it would be strieght
if i had you...

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