November 12, 2008
By Julia Hernandez, Atlantic Beach, FL

With a hop in my step
And a grin on my face
I slide behind the wheel
and let all frustrations fly.
Going faster and faster
as a torrent of emotions
collide inside of me.
Hitting me
I swerve desperately to miss the
girl scout troop shrieking in what could be terror.
I'm lauging almost maniacally.
I pull over for a pause
a breath
a break
Sitting just thinking on the grass.
A little boy; with hollowed eyes
So aberrant so alone...
He looks right at me.
As if knowing what I'm thinking.
As if really knowing...me.
With his hollow eyes.
He lunges wildly for my hand
as if I were his victim
and he my fate...my calling.
We venture out slowly
toward the open road.
Staring out...
as if we were decisive.
And in one word he says it all.
And it was still not enough.
At first it was so soft i could barely hear him.
So soft...
So gentle...
But then I heard it.
Neither of us were afraid.
And neither of us faltered.
That's the last thing I remember.

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