The Wanderer

November 11, 2008
By Carrie Payette, Kansasville, WI

There was a man
Who had no plans,
He lived his live
Searching for advise.

He was born in a small town
He was known all around.
He didn't have a good reputation
Always known as an abomination.

His dad always drank,
And with no shower, he stank.
His family was no help
They called him a whelp!

At school he was the worsh
his drugs always came first.
He knew he would never pass
So he dropped out fast.

Because he had no goals,
He had no feelings in his soul.
No money and no job
Some called him a slob.

It was on the street,
Where he would sleep.
His life was torn,
He was just trying to stay worm.

He was full of shame
Because his life, was so lame.
Regrets filled his heart,
Because his plans, never played a part.

There was a man
Who had no plans,
Who lived his life
Searching for advise.

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