November 11, 2008
By Danielle Bonebrake, Russellville, IN

This is not about world peace, rather a boy with red hair-who lost his life too soon, life's not fair. Does it matter if he was your brother, your cousin, or your best friend? Just being an aquatance is enough to cry in the end. Somehow among the all the ones gone from this world we seem to as God, "Why cut HIS life short?" Now walking to his final hed, you do no0t see the usual mess on his head, instead ahead that is combed cleaned, even cut... His eyes forever closed, forever shut. He would say to is all "Don't worry, be happy," and "Peace" like the flag that hangs above him. He's now peaceful insleep, now no pain will show...We think of final "Peace" and regretfully go.

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