one man show

November 10, 2008
I may be standing alone,
but I am standing strong.
I have the courage to make it home.
At the end I will hear a victory song.

I can stand alone without a team.
Eventually I do have to lose.
When do I won't scream.
I know what path to choose.

I chose god and got a win.
My choice was very risky.
I stood alone and didn't get pinned.
Taking risky chances is me.

I am alone, but I made it to the end.
Today was my time to rise.
I had to win without my friends.
I can get the job done done when I shine.

This challenge was a test of courage.
I think God told me where to go.
This challenge could only be done alone.
I showed courage and put on a one man show.

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