Living in a colorless world

November 11, 2008
By Meghann Kozlowski, Cranford, NJ

A lonly girl walks through the rain on an empty street,her tears are blendin with the rain.She isnt sad,or happy,she is empty.she feels nothing.It begins to stormand her emptyness is replaced with angeras she realizes what he took from her.All night is storms and all night she walks.As she watches teh sunriseing to day she hopes to find the sun to stimulate her once again emotionless body.Day after day she is dissapointed to see rain and storms.No matter where she goes it follows her,she cant escape.An outsider looking in on this lonly girl,not knowing what it feels like to be lonly.the outsider is used to the sunrise adn set and the warmth of the sun.The lonly girl pulss the outsider into her colorless world to make her seewhat its like to be emotionless.In return a flower is given to put some color in the colorless world.

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