For You(Written by me: Trakia Tucker)

November 9, 2008
By Trakia Tucker, Dardanelle, AR

For you I will,
For you I shall
For you forever,
I will always be there
For you I'd cross the widest ocean
And walk through fire with my eyes wide open
For you I will lay my life down
Just so you could see another day
Just for you I would bring the moon
Just so you could see through the night
Just to you I say that I love you
For you are the one that I cherish and adore
For you are the one who open the doors
For you, I am here
To wipe away your tears
To cheer you up when times are weary and painful
I'm her today, I'm here forever
Trust in me
To be the best
To do all that I can
And to always have your back

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