Fire Lit Firelight

November 8, 2008
By Colin Mark, Tenafly, NJ

To all those who are oppressed, suppressed, and depressed:

Fire lit firelight
Burn for you
And burn those who don’t
Because the Earth revolves around the Sun
But the Sun revolves around you
And the stars burn for the firelights
But those firelights burn for you too
Fire lit Firelight
Burn for the rest of these nights
Because eyes are seeing for men
But men are seeing for you

Across the Sun and across the stars
To all those I’ve mentioned the whole world is ours
There’s a natural order
But the order’s been burned
Stop while you still can
You’ve all been warned
And it just began

The time is here
The time is now
No poetry
No symmetry
No imagery
Just fire
And ire
And emotions
Splashed across this page
The page that cuts through the flames
And brings you up
High above the others
Where they thought you’d never be
Where they didn’t know you always were
But you were
And now you clearly are

Flying high on wings of flame
And a sheet of fire beneath your feet
Soar to infinity
Soar to the end
But don’t look back
Don’t look back at them
Just cloud your mind with burning thoughts
And a burning gaze
To last you through all the rest
Of your burning days

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