Super Natural

November 8, 2008
By miranda campbell, Jax Beach, FL

Eternal beauty, unlimited strength.
Razor-sharp teeth, a life with no length.
Hard and cold.
Brave and bold.
Close my eyes, but never sleep.
Sob and scream, but never weep.
fictional creatures? Not to me.
Behind closed eyes, they're all I see.
Call me crazy, call me Freak,
Just beacuse of what I seek.
Give me the chance, I would in a heartbeat.
Give me the choice, I'd give my LAST heartbeat.
Not to harm, not to kill.
Just to know that they are real.
Sweet firey venom, swallow me whole.
I'd give it all, even my soul.
I'd be one of THEM against all sanity.
Hated by wolves, feared by humanity.

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