Could I? Should I?

November 8, 2008
By Roshelle Williams, Brooklyn, NY

As I walk down the road,
I'm going to my nice abode
The Could Is? Should Is? go through my head
I think about it as I near my shed:
Could I build a mechanical cow?
Should I eat some chicken now?
Could I make a reindeer fly?
Should I make a cherry pie?
CouldCould I paint an angry whale?
Should I cut downs this ship's sail?
Could I eat four hundred sweets?
Should I beat this boy with meat?
Could I grow to be eight feet tall?
Should I strive to have it all?
Could I drive a bus through space?
Should I cheat to win this race?
I get up and go into the house.
And think "I look good in this blouse."

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