Empty Bliss

November 7, 2008
By HeyDenverrr BRONZE, Berthold, North Dakota
HeyDenverrr BRONZE, Berthold, North Dakota
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"I must be fine, 'cause my heart's still beating." - I Fell Inlove with a Girl by the White Stripes

I feel alone even though you're laying next to me
I thought I'd be content by your affection,
but your love has left me so empty.
I feel like you're bending me
until I can't take it anymore.
Your love has not only left me empty
it's left me broken and sore.
I loved you with all my heart but
after what you've done to me,
I feel like my whole world is falling apart.
You made me cry and caused me pain
You rewound the event like a tape and did it again.
So now I say good bye
I'm giving up on us
I shouldn't even try
I grab my things and turn off the lights
with everything fading to black.
The I shut the door, running away...and never coming back.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I had a really close friend who was in a relationship with this guy who pretty much abused her and it really upset me and she wouldn't do anything about it and that's what inspired me to write this poem.

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