Inverted Distortion

November 7, 2008
By IamL Nameless Last Name, Providence, RI

Lost in a song and locked in box
Like I'm a fish out of water I'm flapping stupidly in the wind
I feel so inverted, like the negative on your photo strips
I feel so Distorted like the bad sound on a 90's computer
I feel stoned because I feel so STUCK.
Then it makes me slow and all I can do is laugh
At the same faces, stagnent places...
The apathetic wooden walls in my bedroom...
My sister's phone calls, wreaking of pity...
Asking for a pity party..
(My mistake a parade and feast and after party at a resort in Mexico)

You make me feel so inverted
Upside down and screwed
I'm so distorted because history stopped and it's just sits there
Staring at me with empty eyes
Like they have something to say
History has nothing to say
It won't drown me like it has everyone else

History makes me feel inverted and distorted.
Because I can't be a part of the past anymore.

**This will certify that the above work is completely original

The author's comments:
I love poetry and I love cake. What more can I possibly say.

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