November 6, 2008
Ten little fingers and ten little toes
Her curly hair wrapped in tiny little bows
A baby she was born, a woman she became
Life's lessons she has learned, and her heart has surely changed
Through the years she stumbled, she faltered in her steps
But she always knew just what to do when she took a trip
Never was she weak, but always she was strong
Most the time not right, and always feeling wrong
Insecurities held her down, until her words were muffled
The weight she carried on top of her feet, the feet she merely shuffled
Shuffled by to get through life, not really caring why
Asking, wondering, questioning, if she was ready to die
These scars she holds, and words she spoke
This bruised ego and heart that's broke
She is ready to just give it up
And give it all away
It's time to let her problems go
And lift them up to where no one knows
And give up this life and finally decide
Her time has come to die
At 18 years young, she opens her eyes
And screams "I am ready to die!"

Her old self dies, and a new self is born
Without any pain, one that's not torn
Heart filled with love, love that is pure
Her mind is now stable, her mind is now sure
Her iniquities are free, her sins are lifted up
Her happiness is spilling over the edges of her cup
She is brimming with excitement, and has never felt such joy
She has laid it all down now, no longer is she coy
Instead she is sure, no longer will she cry
He was taken her problems away, to herself she finally died

So with ten grown fingers and ten grown toes
She no longer weeps over life's little woes
Instead she grows stronger day out and day in
Because her heart, mind, and soul alike are now with Him

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