The Big Apple

November 6, 2008
The Big Apple

The skyscrapers high,

As I step into the light.

The taxis fly by,

In the city of night.

People are yelling,

Everything is loud,

Everything is moving,

As I push through the crowd.

Times Square is so bright,

Empire State Building so tall,

The streets are packed tight,

The sidewalks seem small.

A celebrity here,

A monument there,

There is nothing to fear,

Though leaving I can’t bear.

The men all look dapper,

The women so chic,

A billboard with a rapper,

Selling clothes that are anything but cheap.

With all the glitz,

And all the glamour,

They put on the ritz,

With their New Yawk yammer.

Bagels and Starbucks,

And hot dogs galore,

McDonald’s has the big bucks

‘Cause they keep making more.

I walk pass a store,

And the first Macy’s too,

Louis Vuitton, Prada, and more,

Oh, and there’s a Jimmy Choo.

So much to do,

And so much to see,

Everything so new,

Just NYC and me.

I walk around,

Filled with delight.

My heart jumps leaps and bounds,

It’s love at first sight.

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