Unnatural Poison MAG

February 18, 2014
By Tori Adolino BRONZE, Fort Montgomery, New York
Tori Adolino BRONZE, Fort Montgomery, New York
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I guess it was in the way you said my name
And the way your fingertips trailed down my spine
And the way you held me when you cried
The day your dad said he wasn't coming home
And your mom said it was fine
But you weren't fine
You see
I've learned that people come and go
And I never thought you'd be the one
That I wanted to stay
Because there's nothing perfect about your teeth
Or the way you shake your leg while you watch football
But there was something perfect in the way you looked at me
And the life that you brought to my eyes
You saved me from who I was
And I thought that meant
You were what I needed
But in the end I came to see
That the only thing I needed to be saved from more than myself,
Was you.

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