November 6, 2008

To some blue is a favorite color,
Others may say,
Blue is a happy color,
But to me,
Blue is a million tears rolling down my face
Feeling as if I were being pulled underwater by an ocean wave
Struggling to make it out
Blue is the emptiest color I can think of.
Just thinking about that one person who used to make me think of Blue,
Is gone now, making my ocean darker than ever.
Blue makes me think of the cold shivering hands that reach out for that one person as they slowly walk away,
Step by step,
The further he walks,
The harder the wave pulls,
The ticking clock in the dead silence,
Making you realize,
You just lost someone you love,
And no matter what you do,
They are never coming back.
To find your way out of this deep, dark place,
Is on you, and only you,
Blue is unforgiving.

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