Bloody Battle

November 7, 2008
By Jordan Otero, Groton, CT

The darkness falls all around
The rain rolls down the enemies face
Lightning flashes

Dwarf vs. Elf
again in a battle
The elf climbs a near by tree
Leaving the short dwarf to be

On the ground
a new enemy appears
but there not here for fighting
but for love

"Ha you fool."
the elf shouts
"This is a place were you kill or be killed, there's no time for love."
the dwarf said

"Ah but if you stop fighting maybe others will follow."
the creature said.
The dwarf and elf rolled their eyes and jumped at the creature.
Biting and kicking
scatching and screaming

in the end
three lay dead
in a bloody battle field
as the rain falls to wash away the blood
no one hopes to remember this day

The author's comments:
This poem was writen in revenge to my best friend Samantha.

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