I am ...

November 7, 2008
I am...
The voice of the broken
The heaert of the strong
I shed tears of laughter
Tears of joy
Tears of fear
And tears of pain
I am the wisest of beings
Yet I am the most arrogant
I am strong and weak
I am beautiful and ugly
Humble and meek
Pompous and full of pride
Couragous and cowardice
I am ever giving
But I am also very selfish
I am full of hatred, love, and anger
Sadness, joy, and fear
I will risk my life for the sake of others
I will take their lives
To save my own
I am honest, hardworking, and loyal
I lie, cheat, and steal
I am...
A pregnant teen
A starving child
A single mom
A buisness man
I am...
The quarterback
The cheerleader
The honor student
The dropout
The teen addict
I am...
A doctor
A patient
A lawyer
A judge
A convict
A victim
I live by faith
And I have none
I think I am perfect
And I know I have many faults
I am all this
Yet I am nothing
I am...

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