The Battle at Thermopylae

October 23, 2008
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In waves as endless as the sea they come,
Their numbers, great, stretch far as eyes can see,
Their gold and glory glinting in the sun,
Xerxes, their king, a prideful leader he.
The Greeks are ready to face the Persians, swarming,
Unwavering at the ‘proaching’s deafening roar,
They stand their ground to face this coming warning,
Spartan King Leonadis, their core.
Though few in number, The Greek are well prepared,
The pass Thermopylae is where they stand,
They stay, unmoved, their weapons in their hand.
A Persian arrow shoots into the wind,
Now this fateful battle will begin.

Despite the Persian army’s daunting size,
Much loss upon the massive beast was harrowed.
Few Persians at a time met their demise,
Because the pass the Greeks held was so narrow.
For three whole days, the Greek defense held fast,
The fight seemed to be going in their favor.
Good fortune for the Greeks not long would last,
Their weakness was uncovered by a traitor.
Ephialtes, as cowardly as Paris,
He told Xerxes about a way around the Greek.
Paris himself could not be more remiss,
Much damage would this foolish traitor wreak.
If a strategy was not propounded,
The Greeks would be outnumbered and surrounded.

The Greek decided that they should retreat,
Three hundred would stay and hold the way,
Leonadis, his warriors elite,
Would fight and let their allies get away.
Strong and truly brave, these men were heroes,
They stood and fought, but knew that they faced death.
They met head on their overwhelming foe,
Fighting until they drew their one last breath.
Their blood red capes, a profound flag of danger,
Spartan crests emblazed upon their chests,
They brought down with them very many strangers,
To sleep with them in an eternal rest.
They gave their lives so others could leave safely,
For all of times, heroes these men will be!

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wow said...
Nov. 12, 2008 at 5:54 pm
Okay...this poem had me completely awed and glued to every word! it's awesome and amazing and i seriously LOVE it...ure a great poet...keep writing!!! =)
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