I'm Tired

November 5, 2008
I sit and wonder, WHY?
I wonder why I get my hopes up every damn time

I'm tired

Tired of seein my mama stressin,
Tired of being sick and tired
I sit and wonder

I wonder if this is it 4 me?
I sit and wonder if he even wanted another child, even me as a daughter?
I wonder wat kind of man would do this?

My mama always said I never wanted for anything, OH but she was so wrong
I always wanted 4 a father that would choose his own family rather than other women
I want the kind of family that I could grow and mature in

I'm tired
I'm sick and tired of the lies, and the broken promise that my sperm-donor made to me
I'm tired of taking in what other peple say about me, I JUST DON'T CARE ABOUT THEM ANYMORE!!!
I had to figure out, the same people that talk all that is not helping me with anything in my life.

Sometimes I just and wonder
I wonder is this is it 4 me?

I wonder why I'm so sick and tired

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