Come Back

November 5, 2008
By Melanie Maier, White Lake, MI

older then me at the age of eleven
there was never at time you were not there
when a hug was needed
or a treat to be given
you were there in a second

with you here there was never a horse inside that green fence
where you roamed your teritory
free from everything
your coal fur always clean
though seemingly attracted to burs
so fit for your age
so beautiful

age has a price though
and tumors kill
we sit there as you lay
unable to even eat
even stand

but then i guess its over
theres nothing more to help you they say
nothing more to do
no more starving
or pain
its alright now
as i pet your still midnight black fur
its still warm though wont be
i kiss your cheek gently
brush my hand on your ear and down your shoulder


your fine
wake up
its time to run outside and play
feel the wind flow through you
and let your ears flop as you run down the hill on your way to the fence puppies trailing to keep up as you race to find the neighbors dog and run back and forth along the fence
but when your skin turns icy
i know that there is nothing i can do
nothing to bring you back

tears now stinging my eyes
glide down my ruby red swollen cheeks
as the truth slowly seeps in all the cracks that were once filled with
joy and bouancy
I accept your gone
but I still want you to come back

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