One Day

November 5, 2008
One day,
You’ll see puddles floating in my eyes
While we stand under the sky, our only witness.

It’ll forever be my penultimate attempt,
though I cannot define success in this matter.
I’ll be screaming
“I love you”
At the top of my lungs.
You’ll slowly step away from me and alas,
swiftly turn in the opposite direction.

No, don’t look back, I thought.
don’t pity me in this state of being.
Instead, you would walk out of my life.

The tears falling from the sky will be
The infinite supply of puddles at the
crease of my eyes.
The pang of the heavy weeping on the earth
Will muffle my own sobbing voice.

Folded at a strangely comfortable position,
I formed a remotely secure bundle out of my shivering limbs.
I await a peek of sunlight
To let it
Drain my
Longing memories.

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