It's not that easy

November 5, 2008
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It's not that easy to say,
"I'm so over him."
You know you want to;
but your heart can't stop you.
Your mind says,"I'm so over you."
but your heart says,"I'm just joking."
It's not as easy as you think.
"prove your over him."
the voice inside says.
"fine! I will....
that boy looks cute;
the one with the long hair and the cute eyes."
"sure he's cute, but do you like him?"
"of course!" you tell yuorself
"but do you like him more than..."
"yes i do okay give it a rest."
Your heart won't stop without a winning pize.
"Think deep inside...
Why do you still dream about him?
The kiss. THAT kiss.
If your over him stop pretending her doesn't exsist.
Your looking despretly loney.
Drop the act.
Lose the lies,
and face the truth.
You still love him."
"How can I when he hates me?"
"he doesn't hate you,
he hates what you've become."
"But i can't change back.
I like the new me
and so do my new friends."
"but are they your real friends?
think back...
he was your friend."
"Fine i'm not over him.
I miss him so much words can't tell ."
"Then go and tell him how you feel."
"It's soooo not that easy to say,
I'm really not that over him."

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