Pain's Existance

November 5, 2008
By Marisa Bletso, Annandale, VA

The things that don’t change
They just rearrange themselves
And reshape and reform
The same pain
The same problems
All passed down from generations to the next
From poverty to suicide
To heartbreak and gangs
It’s all the same, just rearranged
And morphed into new names
From generation to generation
The problems have all stayed the same
Some shrunk but still exist
Others have grown bigger
These problems we face
Are apart of the human race
And have always existed
Even if they seemed unknown to you
This pain
Has driven someone insane
Decades ago
And people far away
Will all say
That pain always existed
Always reshaped and reformed
It’s here and now
But it’s always been here
And it will always be here

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on Nov. 10 2008 at 9:55 pm
wow, hey IamNotAlive.... Thanks for voting, reading and commenting on my I did the same for you... hopefully your poem will keep getting better and rising to the top...I know it takes a while but it can happen.... mine did.... I will keep voting for ur poem daily... hopefully u will do the same for me


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