No Place I'd Rather Be

November 5, 2008
By Meredith Tittle, Pelham, AL

Not just another Saturday
Not just another game
The most wonderful time of the year
No place I’d rather be

On the floor next to my father’s knee
The only time we really share
No place I’d rather be

Best food in the world
From LSU gumbo to full fleshed Arkansas hogs
No place I’d rather be

More laughs than anyone can ask for
The memories that will last for a life
With the people that make me who I am today
No place I’d rather be

Hearing the fight song as the players come out
Booming speakers
Crystal clear HDTV
Almost like being there
No place I’d rather be

The blood rushing
The adrenaline pumping like an out of control train on the tracks
Hearing the “ROOOLLLL TIDE!” that still gives me chills
No place I’d rather be

Feeling better than I have all week
Just can’t wait to get to place
Where for just three hours
Everything will make finally make sense
The beginning and the ending the same no matter what
Still hearing “ROOLLL TIDE!”’
No place I’d rather be

My “Bama” home
With my “Bama” family
No place I’d rather be

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