November 5, 2008
By Stephan Clayton, Bryn Mawr, PA

It feels as if I'm walking in a cloud of doubt
Knowing that inside I'm feeling like I want to shout
Tears dropping down my face, loneliness into my heart
I'm ready to scream and run away but
I must not give up; I have to do my part
Though it's not over the battle has just begun
I'm standing strong now and I promise I will not run
Sadness has rapped its hands around my throat
Is cutting off the circulation to my brain
My body's numb from the pressure I can't
Think right, all I feel is pain
I feel myself getting light
Headed with each thought from
The past the tears are dropping
Down my face...
I sit here hoping with each
Tear a piece of sadness will disappear and take
Away just one drop of my pain
I close my eyes for a moment in
Time to run from the reality
At hand to only awaken back at
The place I wish not to be... REALITY

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