A Never Ending Day

November 4, 2008
By Grace Park, El Paso, TX

Waking up to the sound of a bomb
To wish it was only a dream,
He is there to do a duty,
He is there to do it right;
Although it may cost a life.

Will he see his friends tomorrow?
Will he see his family again?
The fear is here,
But he senses the courage.

While a tear is shed, to see one's wound,
He holds a wooden cross, and a prayer is said;
But a duty to be done,
For the country he loves.
He doesn't need the fame,
He doesn't need the attention.
He only requires, the angel to give him protection.

There is one thing he knows, he will do this right,
For he will come out of this fight,
Come out safe and alive.

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